Baseplate universal 80x80cm 500kg (concrete)

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This universal baseplate 80x80cm 500kg (concrete) is suitable for all types of trusses and ensures that the truss structure stands firmly without damaging the ground. The baseplate is also suitable for outdoor locations as a baseplate or ballast, with adjustable outriggers on request.

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Shape Square
Material stainless steel/concrete
520 kg
Dimensions 80x80x35

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The Baseplate Universal 80×80 500 kg (Concrete) is a robust and reliable base for your trusses.zv Its heavy, concrete construction provides exceptional stability even on uneven or soft surfaces.

  • Solid base for trusses
  • Distributes the load over a larger area
  • Prevents damage to the substrate
  • Ideal for more difficult surfaces, such as uneven or soft ground
  • With adjustable stamps on request

The Baseplate Universal 80×80 500 kg (Concrete) measures 80x80x35 centimeters and has a weight of 520 kg. This baseplate is suitable for all types of trusses.


Prevents damage to your substrate

The baseplate spreads the load of your truss structure over its large surface area, significantly reducing the risk of damage to the ground. Due to the perfect distribution of weight, your trusses will remain firm even on soft or uneven ground. This eliminates the need to worry about damage or instability!


Baseplate Universal 80×80 500 kg (Concrete) hire?

Simply add the Baseplate Universal 80×80 500 kg (Concrete) to your rental request at Riggingbox. In addition to this product, we offer a wide selection of other baseplates to. Need help determining the most appropriate materials for your event? If so, please feel free to contact with us. Our team is ready to help you make the right choice!

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