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Book corners
Book corners are used for creating flexible corners. The hinge connection ensures that any angle can be achieved. However, book corners are not designed to carry loads, making it necessary to provide some other form of support on either side of the corner. At Riggingbox, we offer only the best quality materials. Our materials are extensively tested and checked so you can be sure that you are getting materials that meet all your requirements. You can easily add our book corners to your existing rental application or you can request them separately. On-site delivery is also available. Feel free to inquire about all possibilities.

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Our webshop is particularly practical for technicians who know exactly what materials are needed to realize their technical plan. Not quite sure which materials are best to rent? If so, we will be happy to help you make a choice. A sketch or a description of your plans and location are often enough for us to provide you with a substantiated recommendation.

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