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Prolyte specials When it comes to planning an event, reliability, quality and safety are crucial. Prolyte Netherlands offers an extensive range of materials for the event industry, including trusses and specials. Below you can read all the information about renting Prolyte specials at Riggingbox! What is Prolyte? Prolyte is a manufacturer from the Netherlands known for making various materials for the event industry, with a focus on safety and reliability. Consider various types of trusses and specials, such as ground support and delay towers. Prolyte’s materials are very popular in the event industry and not without reason. The materials are high quality and made to last. All over the world these materials are used for various festivals, productions and fairs. At Riggingbox you can rent various materials of this brand, including specials and trusses. Kinds of Prolyte specials Sometimes your event needs rigging that is just a little bit different than the usual material. For this, the specials of Prolyte Netherlands are perfect. At Riggingbox you can rent the ground support and delay tower of this brand, with which you can set up the most amazing rigging installations at your event. Prolyte delay tower A delay tower is used for carrying and supporting sound systems at events. These towers are placed at a certain distance from the speakers near the stage. A delay tower ensures that sound at large events is well dispersed and evenly distributed throughout the audience. This provides a better sound experience for all attendees of the event. In doing so, it compensates for the natural delay of the sound. The Prolyte RT S36V delay tower can lift a weight of up to 1,000 kg to a height of 9.25 meters. It is built based on the S26V trusses and is equipped with 60 mm stabilization tubes. Due to its compact construction, it is particularly suitable for busy events where space must be used efficiently. Prolyte ground support is used to safely support temporary structures at events. It ensures that weight is evenly distributed and everything stays firmly in place. It is a crucial component for the stability and safety of a structure. Ground support is used to attach trusses reliably. This is where you then hang your lighting, sound systems and other materials. This allows you to easily and quickly set up a temporary structure while ensuring the safety of the guests present. The Prolyte CT tower is based on C52T mast sections, which contributes to the tower’s ease of use. The horizontal bracing makes the tower easy to climb. Almost all trusses from both the S Series and B Series can be connected to the tower using the CCS7 coupling system. Prolyte truss In addition to specials, Riggingbox also rents Prolyte trusses. These high-quality trusses can be rented in all kinds of shapes, sizes and constructions. Depending on the model you choose, they can be rented in lengths between 2 and 12.3 meters. As a result, you can always find a truss that meets your needs. The trusses are made of aluminium. This material is lightweight, yet very sturdy. They are designed to be easy to install and dismantle and provide reliable support for multiple applications. Discover the complete range of Prolyte equipment in our rentals! Do you want to rent specials from Prolyte Netherlands? For renting specials or trusses from Prolyte Netherlands, Riggingbox is the right place. Our ma

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