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The Prolyte RT S36V delay tower is capable of lifting a 1000kg load to a height of 9.25 meters. This delay tower is built based on the S36V series of trusses and features 60mm stabilization tubes. The tower itself is quite compact, making it perfect for crowded events where space must be used efficiently. Of course, Riggingbox supplies both the delay tower and the accompanying trusses.

Please note that from wind force 6, a ballast of 450 kg is mandatory.

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Weight 415 kg
Ballast 480 kg
Max. height 9.46 m
Max. load height 9.25 m
Max. wind speed 20.7 m/2
Carrying capacity 1000 kg
Alloy EN AW 6082 T6
Main tubes 48 x 3 mm
Trusses S36V
Coupling system CCS7

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Prolyte’s relatively compact RT S36V delay tower is particularly suitable for events, concerts and exhibitions, among other things.

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