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Shackles and other rigging accessories
At any event, safety is of utmost importance. Many heavy materials and equipment are used and it is crucial that these objects are securely fastened. There are several rigging accessories that can help with this, including shackles and soft steel. Here you can read what shackles are and what rigging accessories you can rent from Riggingbox.

What are shackles?
When you are hosting an event, you naturally want your rigging to be in order. All materials must be securely attached to ensure the safety of your employees, visitors and performers. Using rigging accessories, such as shackles and soft steel, can help with this.

Shackles, also known as harp shackles, are connecting elements used in hoisting or securing and reinforcing materials. In the event industry, they are used when rigging lighting, sound equipment, trusses and other materials. Shackles ensure that hoisting work can be done more safely and that everything is securely fastened. This ensures you have a reliable trussconstructie.
Soorten shackles en andere accessoires
At Riggingbox, you can rent various shackles and other rigging accessories in different varieties. It is important to use the right size and type of these accessories and to attach them correctly to ensure the safety of your guests.

In ons aanbod vindt u onderstaande rigging accessories:

Shackle (WLL 47kN)
Shackle (WLL 33kN)
Soft Steel (WLL 20kN): nylon strop met lengte 0,5 – 3 meter

All supplies under one roof
At Riggingbox, you can find all your rigging supplies under one roof. Our wide assortment includes not only shackles and other accessories, but also trussen, motortakels, bedabbling and any other rigging materials you need for your event.
We also supply only the highest quality rigging materials. Our products are regularly extensively tested and inspected to ensure that they meet the highest safety standards.
Custom advice
Besides supplying the best materials, you also get the best service with us. Not sure yet what shackles or other rigging materials you need? Then we will be happy to give you advice. Our employees have the necessary knowledge and expertise to help you select the most suitable materials for your project. Whether you are organizing a small event or a large festival, Riggingbox offers you the right tools and support to make your event a success.

Want to whore shackles or other rigging accessories?
Simply add our accessories to your existing rental application, but requesting them separately is also an option. We also offer on-site delivery. Feel free to inquire about all possibilities.

Want some initial advice on renting shackles or other rigging materials? Then take contact with us. Our staff will be happy to help you select the best materials for your situation!

Need help?

Our webshop is particularly practical for technicians who know exactly what materials are needed to realize their technical plan. Not quite sure which materials are best to rent? If so, we will be happy to help you make a choice. A sketch or a description of your plans and location are often enough for us to provide you with a substantiated recommendation.

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