Beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320mm (WLL 50kN)

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This beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320mm (SWL 50kN) is suitable for H and I profiles and is not laterally loadable.

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The Beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320 mm (WLL 50 kN) is a perfect choice for creating a powerful and temporary anchor point. This beam clamp allows you to safely and reliably attach various materials within your rigging installation without inflicting permanent damage.

  • Suitable for H and I sections
  • Not laterally loadable
  • Working load of 50 kN
  • Suitable for profiles with a width of 90 to 320 mm


Reliable anchoring of materials

The Beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320 mm (WLL 50 kN) is indispensable when creating a reliable anchor point within your rigging installation. This allows you to easily hang various equipment, such as motor hoists, lighting and sound systems. Using this beam clamp means you don’t have to drill or weld!


Beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320 mm (WLL 50 kN) rental?

Simply add the Beam clamp S5 Eller : 90-320 mm (WLL 50 kN) to your rental request. At Riggingbox, you can rent a wide range of beam clamps. As a result, you will always find the right type for your situation.

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