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Hoist control is a commonly used equipment at events. This tool is used in combination with engine hoists to hoist certain elements to the desired position. There are many different variations of this rigging material available, which can make it difficult to make the right choice. That is why you will find all information about renting hoist control for your stage here!

What is hoist control?

When using engine hoists to lift or move objects, you naturally also need a way to operate these hoists. This is where hoist control comes in handy. Hoist control is used to control one or more engine hoists in your rigging installation. It is an essential part of positioning certain components on stage, such as trusses and lighting.

Hoist control types

At Riggingbox you can rent various types of hoist control with different functions. With us you will find variants for controlling two, four or even twelve engine hoists. Do you use other engine hoists for your project? Then rent the XLNT DS8 LV hoist control HAN32 – 8ch. This gives you the option to combine multiple runners and even control up to 64 hoists simultaneously.

There are also several options for operation. For example, you will find variants with us that are equipped with a remote control, with which you can easily control your hoists remotely. Due to the many variants, you will always find the suitable materials for your stage at Riggingbox!

You can rent the following types of hoist control from us:


Safety measures

Safety is of great importance when towing. Poor operation of hoists can have unpleasant consequences. That is why Riggingbox’s hoist control is equipped with a number of safety measures. For example, you will find an emergency stop button on our materials, which allows the system to be quickly switched off in an emergency situation. In addition, you can rent hoist control with phase detection from us, which means that the hoists will not work if they are connected incorrectly. This reduces the risk of problems and ensures a safe working environment.

Large range

In addition to hoist control, you can also rent other materials from Riggingbox that are often used in combination with it on stage. This includes motor tackles, trusses en chains. In short: Riggingbox already rents everything you need to successfully carry out your project!

Riggingbox offers only high-quality materials that are designed to work safely and reliably. Our materials are regularly extensively tested and checked so that you can be sure that the materials meet all your requirements.

Need help?

Our webshop is particularly practical for technicians who know exactly what materials are needed to realize their technical plan. Not quite sure which materials are best to rent? If so, we will be happy to help you make a choice. A sketch or a description of your plans and location are often enough for us to provide you with a substantiated recommendation.

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