Chainmaster D8+ Ultra/DC 500kg 4m/min 24m

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The Chainmaster D8+ Ultra/DC: 500 kg equipped with two independently acting brakes, a service brake and a safety brake. Both brakes are DC brakes. They operate on the principle of closed-circuit current. In the event of a power failure, the brakes work automatically to keep the load safely in any position.

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Weight Plusminus 20 kg without chain
FEM Class 1Bm/ M3
Power supply 3~400 V 2 3~230 V 2
Speed 4m/min
Max last 500 kg
Voltage 50 or 60 Hz
Chains P5.4 x 15 mm (profile steel)
Chain weight 0,59 kg/m

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500kg – D8Plus Ultra

  • Hoist safety standard: D8Plus
  • Direct control
  • 2 Heavy-duty DC brakes – maintenance-free design
  • Use in normal or climbing position
  • Low noise emission
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