CML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar

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The CM 1000kg D8+ motor hoist, unlike the regular D8 motor hoists, features dual brakes. This enables the D8+ to carry loads in such a safe and stable manner. What is unique about this particular hoist is that there is no additional component involved to make it happen. Riggingbox can supply both the motor hoist, controls and cabling.

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Weight 75 KG
FEM class 2m
Power supply 400V-3Ph-50Hz
Lifting speed 4 m/min
Max last 1000 kg
Voltage Low voltage 400/110
Chains 7.9 x 21.8 mm
Chain weight 2.8 kg/m

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TheCML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar Takes your rigging to the next level. The dual brakes and powerful motor make this an ideal choice for safely and stably lifting heavy materials at your event.

  • Powerful motor
  • User-friendly
  • Contains dual brakes
  • Protected against overload

The CML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar has a weight of 75 kg and can lift up to 1000 kg. This type is available in a length of 23 meters.


Dual brakes for ultimate safety

The CML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar motor hoist is equipped with dual brakes, providing extra safety and stability when lifting heavy materials. A unique feature of this particular hoist is that no additional component is required to accomplish this. This feature and the powerful motor make this type of hoist perfect for building events.


CML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar rental?

Would you like to rent this motorcycle hoist? Easily add the CML D8+ 1000KG Lodestar to your rental request! In addition to this model, Riggingbox rents a wide range of othermotor hoists, as well as matching control and cabling. Need help selecting the right materials for your event? Take contact with us for professional advice. Together we will look at the best solution for your event!

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