Prolyte H30-V C020 corner

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Prolyte’s H30V series is known as lightweight equipment that can nevertheless carry heavy loads. Thanks to the thick walls of both the trusses and the corner pieces, the equipment can withstand a good deal and even heavy loads are not a problem. The H30V corner pieces are available in several variations to accommodate any design. Riggingbox offers the H30V corner pieces in variants C003, C005, C012, C016, C017 and C020.

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Alloy EN AW 6082 T6
Main tubes 48 x 3 mm
Braces 16 x 2 mm
Coupling system CCS6

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TheProlyte H30-V C020 is a 4-way truss corner that is incredibly easy and quick to assemble thanks to the CCS6 coupling system. Its ease of use and high carrying capacity make it an ideal corner piece for any event.

  • Easy to assemble
  • High carrying capacity
  • Lightweight

The Prolyte H30-V C020 corner consists of main tubes of 48 x 3 mm and braces of 16 x 2 mm.


The perfect choice for your event

The Prolyte H30-V C020 truss corner is made of lightweight material, yet capable of carrying heavy loads. Thanks to the thick walls of both the trusses and corner pieces in this series, the material can take a good deal of abuse. Robustness and ease of use make this a perfect choice for your event!


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Easily add the Prolyte H30-V C020 corner to your rental request. At Riggingbox, you will also rent a wide range of other truss corners. As a result, you will always find the right type to suit your situation.

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