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Traverses mieten

Trusses form the basis of a rigging system; Therefore, truss parts must be stable, safe and of good quality; In addition, every installation is individual, which is why you often need different shapes and sizes to set up the installation you want at your event. At Riggingbox we offer only the best quality materials; Our materials are extensively tested and inspected so that you can be sure that you are getting materials that meet your requirements; You can simply add our trusses to your existing rental inquiry or request them individually; On-site delivery is also possible; Take your time to find out about all the options.

Types of traverses

One of the most common trusses in the rigging industry is the 4-point truss; This truss, also known as a “quad truss”, has four sides and is often used for larger events and for suspending heavy equipment and stage elements. The 4-point spreader beam is generally more stable than the 3-point spreader beam, making it suitable for heavier loads;

Another traverse that is becoming increasingly popular is the circular traverse; This truss, also known as a “circus truss”, was developed for circular mounting and is often used to create unique visual effects; The circular truss is available in various sizes and can be used to suspend lighting systems, stage elements and other objects;

The 3-point truss, also known as a “tri-truss”, has three sides and is often used for smaller events and for suspending lighting systems and effects; The 3-point spreader beam is relatively lightweight and easy to assemble and disassemble, making it a popular choice for mobile applications;

Boxcorners are also part of the traverses; These are used to create corners and curves in a rigging structure; Boxcorners are available in different angles and dimensions so that they can be adapted to the specific requirements of an event;

Prolyte traverses

Prolyte is a popular truss manufacturer and offers various types of high quality trusses, including the H30V, H40V and S52F series. Prolyte’s H30V series crossbars are made of aluminum and have a triangular shape, while the H40V series crossbars are square and are available in different sizes. Take a look at the Prolyte products above

Hire trusses from Riggingbox

If you are looking for reliable trusses for your event, then Riggingbox is the perfect choice. Riggingbox offers a wide range of high-quality trusses from renowned brands such as Prolyte and guarantees the safety and reliability of its products; By renting trusses from Riggingbox, you benefit from a simple and quick rental process as well as the option of having your trusses delivered on site; In addition, Riggingbox also offers a free, no-obligation and customized quote so you know exactly what to expect before placing your order. With excellent customer service and years of experience in the rigging industry, Riggingbox is the ideal partner for any event.

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